Leading on the Issues That Matter

The constituents of Georgia’s State House District 100 live in one of the most diverse districts in the state, thus requiring a lot of invested time and conversations with constituents. Reach out to David directly through social media or through the Connect page with any questions or comments; he would sincerely love to talk to you.

David’s Promise to YOU

To always apply a five-way test to every bill that comes before him:

  1. Does it reduce or expand the government?
  2. Is it the proper role of government?
  3. Does it promote personal responsibility?
  4. Does it support family values?
  5. Does it pass the corruption smell test?
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I have zero-tolerance for corruption in politics. Over the years I have taken a stand against corruption in both political parties; and led the way on reforms to our system.  ...
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Law Enforcement Issue for David Clark

Law Enforcement

I am Pro Law Enforcement but believe strongly that position doesn’t grant one the right to abuse his or her power.
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Military Issue for Veteran David Clark


I’ll always show support and gratitude for the over 1.3 million soldiers who have given their lives for this great nation, and for the soldiers who are currently in harms ...
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2nd Amendment

I’ll always support the RIGHT to Bear Arms. “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms ...
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Limited Government

We the people, not we the government, built this country. Belief in the individual is what made this country great and free. We each play a part in keeping the ...
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Family Values

A powerful, solid, stable country cannot exist without the foundation of strong, united families!
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I believe life starts at conception, and that in every little fetus is the seed of greatness. Each one is a little person that has something amazing to contribute to ...
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Education is the great equalizer. If we neglect to provide the next generation with a solid education, the nation we know and love will cease to exist. I am steadfast ...
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I will continue to oppose Obamacare; I do not believe that the federal government should control our healthcare system. Socialized medicine has failed all over the world, it stifles innovation, ...
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Tax Reform

As your State Representative I have fought to reduce the tax burden on all citizens. I led the way to reduce the income tax rate and put a rate cap ...
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